How to Add All Friends in Facebook group At Once

Add all facebook friends to group in single click

Hello Friends, Here i am back and would like to share 2 different methods to add all friends to facebook group in a single click, Just read this full post to know the 2 tricks.

Many Facebook users want to know how to add all friends in facebook group at once. Adding one by one is very difficult and takes a lots of time to add 1000 friends in a fb group. Here i have a trick to add friends in fb group 2017 edition. If you have a 5000 members in friendlist then you can easily add members in facebook group with a single click, No need to add manually.

Add All Friends in Facebook Group by Single Click

Many People search for script to add all facebook friends in group. Facebook is popular and you can easily make friends, If you have a lot of friends in your fb account then you can add them in facebook group easily, but Facebook doesn’t allow bulk adding, So here i have 2 different methods to add all friends in group at once.

Auto Friend adder facebook group script is also very popular, Many people uses auto add members to facebook group. It saves users time and efforts, you can successfully add members to fb group without any issue.

If you have a facebook account with 5000 friends then you can add then in group, but the problem is the process is very slow. Well what if i say you can add all friends in just 5 minutes. Read this full article to know more about it.

Add all facebook friends to group in single click

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Trick to Add All Friends to Facebook Group using Script 2017

Now without wasting the time lets come to the trick. Here we are going to use a script to auto add members to facebook group. No need to install anything, Just follow the tutorial step by step.

Steps to Add all Friends to Facebook Group

1) Download Auto Add friends to group script. (Password: trustedtricksblog)

2) Open Google Chrome and Goto Your Facebook Page.

3) Press Ctrl+Shift+I to Open Developer Console or You can manually open From Menu>More Tools>Developer Tools.

4) If you see a message from Facebook Saying something simply ignore and clear the console, Click one the Clear sign for help follow the screenshot provided below.

5) Copy the Script you have downloaded and Paste it in Developer console and Hit Enter.

Done, Now wait for few minutes and it will add all friends to fb group. This fb group member add script is working in 2017. Its very fast it can add 1000 friends in 2 minutes, use it unlimited times and add unlimited members to facebook group.

Note:- Nowadays facebook is not allowing the scripts to work properly. I mean if facebook notices that you are adding members too fast then it will temporary block this feature for you.

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How to Add All Facebook Friends to Group using Chrome Extension

If you hate Scripts then you can try Group Invite All, ts a free google chrome extension used for many purpose, I mean it has many option. You can use this extension to add all friends to facebook group by single click, no need of any script. Even noobs can also use this extension with having any confusion.

1) Download and Install Google Chrome (Only if you Don’t have).

2) Open Chrome and Install Group Invite All Extension.

3) After Installing Goto your facebook page and Reload it once. After reloading click on the Icon Appearing on Top Right Corner.

4) Done, Now it will start adding all friend to facebook group.

This Method is working and i personally love this extension for adding members to fb group. Script trick is also good but this extension method is excellent.

Final Words

So here you have learnt 2 different methods to adding your all facebook friends to group. On many websites they don’t explain properly but i have explained everything with images. Many people get confused while using Script to add fb friends to group. Well at the end of the article i would like say that please do share with your friends and follow us on different social media to get latest updates. We are continuously sharing many facebook tricks so please do check them. If you know any other method of adding all friends to fb group then please share in comment section below.


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