Best Agario Private Server (Unblocked Agario Servers 2019)


Howdy Readers, Here you are going to see the names of best agario private servers. is very popular online multiplayer io game and it’s very addictive also. Agario has many Options and settings that allows players to change Skin, Name, Graphics Setting, Quest etc. Agario Private servers are really fun to pay and they also has many Mods.

What is agario private server ?

We all know that agario is a free to play game. In this game you have to eat smaller cells to get big. The real version of is blocked in school and colleges. Main agario has high graphics and in low spec system it lags.

A agario private server is more optimized and has different modes. You can switch graphics settings, chat with other players.

Modded Agario servers has more features like Minions Mod, Auto Feed, Custom skin, Giant Server, Stylish name, Hunger Games, Instant Merge etc. Many People prefer to play on private servers as it doesn’t lags much. As we know sometimes official Agario lags so much. In order to get smoother gameplay, players play on private server.

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Which is the best agario private server ?

A good agario server is fast and lag free. No of players also matters because more players means more fun to play. I personally play on as it’s smooth and has multiple modes. FFA 1 Europe and FFA 2 United states has 60 players which is good. If you are a pro player and knows tricksplit, popsplit, linesplit etc then is best recommended private server.

Still everyone has it’s own personal taste so you can go through my list of agario modded private server and play on which you like.

List of Best Agario Unblocked PVP Private Server [Updated 2019]

Status: Online

Server Highlights

  • Instant Merge
  • Solo Private Server
  • Self Feed
  • Crazy 1
  • Crazy 2

You can create your account and buy skins and spike cell. It’s a feature rich private server for playing agario.

Status: Online

Server Highlights

  • Classic Mode
  • Custom Skin
  • Shop
  • Ranking
  • Friends
  • Profile
  • Instant Merge
  • Ultra Mode

Status: Online

Server Highlights

  • Different Play Modes
  • FFA
  • Team
  • Pop virus

It’s a simple yet fun to play agario server.

Status: Online

Server Highlights

  • Server location: North America, Europe, Asia
  • Minions Mode
  • Infected Mode
  • Birthday Mode
  • Hunger Games

Agariohub has more than 660 players registered. Recommended for agario hunger games lover.

Status: Online

Server Highlights

  • Multiple regions
  • Agario modded macro feed

Status: Online

Server Highlights

  • Servers: Asia Pacific, North america, Europe
  • 2 vs 2 Citrus Mode
  • Vendetta Mode

Gota is one of the biggest agario pvp server. You can find more than 1000 players online at a time. If you are a die hard professional player who loves crowded server then do try this server. It’s smooth and responsive, ping is very low around 300ms.

Top Agario Private Servers

Abs0be is currently No.1 agario server, it has many Features and Skins Inbuilt. It has some cool inbuilt Mods like Free Bot/Hacks with Popsplit, Linesplits, DoubleSplit, 16 Split, Eject mass, Minion Split, Free-roam. Gameplay experience is smooth on this server, you will not face any lags. It also has Chat box which allows you to communicate with other live players.

It also Has different Games Modes like FFA, Experimental, Crazy Giant, Crazy self feed, FFA Minions, FAA Insta Bots and FFA Bots.



AgarioHUB is another best private agario server with free skins. It’s implementing new Mod features day by day. Currently it has Minions Mod, Self Feed, Teams Mode, Crazy Mode, Dream Mode, Hunger Games, Moon Dust, Speed Mode and more coming soon.

You are even allowed to select server nearest to you, Currently it has 3 options North America, Asia and Europe. It has many premium skins you can use for free.

Visit is very popular modded private server, It looks same as official agario but it has some cool features and all skins are available for free. There is no need to Pay for using skin. It also has chat box and Different server locations.

This server is always flooded with players so that yo will not get bored while playing. If you are looking for a simple alternative to then give a try to Zagario.

Update: Now the server has less players.

Visit is best server for those who are looking for Insta Merge Feature. You may feel that there are less players online. But when it come to gameplay features then Rocks. Neat and Clean UI and many game setting like Hide my Name, MiniMap, Hide Blob Colors, Grid Locations, Zoom, Score, ChatBox, Custom Skin Support, Self Feed, Instant etc.

If you loke to play then you must give a try to also.


AgarioFun is another private server. You can use to unblock agario games. It also has many features like PROsplit, FFA Easy, FFA Giant. It also has a option of Fancy Text, this allows you to create you own stylish name for your cell. It’s worth giving try to this server also.

Visit AgarioFun

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Final Words

So Guys i Have shared the best servers of agario. I have included some agario modded servers also. Play agario and eat other cells to gain mass, Recently i have shared a huge list of agario names. Nowadays some guys are using Bots on agario servers and due to this servers are getting slow some time. Some servers has auto Mining scripts that increases CPU uses. I have revised the list and Updated with unblocked agario private servers.

Do share this article on social media with your friends. If you still have any doubt then comment down below.


  1. I think those are not the best agario private servers. Me and my lots of friend play agario on which is the best private server we think. It’s lag free and the fastest agario pvp server i have ever seen. So you should have added too.


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