5 Best blogging platforms to Make Money- The Only Guide you need

best blogging platforms

Best blogging platforms

Best Blogging platforms

Are you searching for best blogging platforms to start your blog? Are you Still confused Over choosing blogging platform To start Your New blog? If Yes, then you are At right place. After Researching on various Blogging Platforms both Free and paid I have come up With a list of Five best blogging platforms to make money and Give your start a fresh and profitable boost. Here, I am providing you List of only selected and sorted Blogging platform list so that you could save your precious time and invest it in building your blog better. So without wasting time lets get started,

What to Look For While Finding Your Ideal Blogging Platform?

We will be discussing deeply every platform later but first, let us Decide what do you need and what type of Blog you want to create? If you don’t know Where to go any road can take you there so first know your requirement. If you are a complete newbie then you will want a blogging platform with no coding skills required and if you are intermediate then you may use some advance PHP based platforms.

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We will be discussing Following Platforms:

1. Blogger best blogging tricks

If you are a complete beginner and if you want to learn blogging basics then blogger is for you. It is one of the best free blogging platforms and ideal for starting your blog the first time. By default blogs on blogger have ‘blogspot’ in their domain name. It is a free service provided by Google and if you want to do more with your blog then you can also purchase a custom domain and connect it to blogger. There are various themes and templates available on the internet for blogger blogs that can be used to make your blog look more attractive, professional and user-friendly. Also, Blogger is Easy to use and easy to understand. I personally prefer blogger if you are a newbie because I had started my first blog on blogger and it taught me lessons for Life.

Also, Blogger provides unlimited Free hosting so you don’t have to worry about Traffic handling as your site would not be ever down Due to huge traffic Because it is Google and you know what they are capable of.

Now, this was the good side of blogger now let’s have a look at its bad side:

While  Using blogger you will find it very easy to use but as you will move on in your blogging journey you will find that you have fewer tools as compared to other platforms to customize your site. You will have no plugins as there are in WordPress to automate things and make them easy to use.
The second bad side is in its URL structure. URL of Posts of the blog have Date and month In them that makes them Lengthy and more complicated for search engines. This is because Google defines blogger as an Online diary so diary have dates so blogger posts also have dates. So it looks less professional But there are many well-known blogs hosted on blogger like “The hacker news” Etc. So before coming to any conclusion Just have a look at what blogger can do.

2. WordPress

wordpress blogging

This one is the most widely used platforms all over the world. It is also one of the best blogging platforms that power 27% of the internet. WordPress Blogging is famous for its ease of use and simplicity. It comes with thousands of tools generally known as WordPress Plugins that can be used to automate things on your site an make it more professional and more user-friendly. WordPress Uses a PHP based script to manage your site and provide different tools to optimize your site. WordPress is a free software it needs a host that you have to buy from Hosting companies. I personally prefer Bluehost. So it is not Free as the blogger. But money paid for it is worth as you can see what tools and automation it is providing.

Starting a WordPress blog is very easy and it takes only a few minutes to make your site live. You don’t need any coding skills to set up your WordPress site, there are a lot of WordPress themes available that are easy to install and come up with many Optimizations and Design. You can choose one according to your needs and can install them with a click. you can also use wordpress blog templates provide by wordpress.org

So if you are thinking to start a blog or professional site for a long-term purpose then WordPress is for you, buy a host and set up a blog and start ranking your content.

3. Wix

wix blogging

WordPress is an open source software so it is best for blogging but it is more vulnerable to security threats also. But Wix is not open source So their codes are not available to everyone to modify. This means that only their development team can create website building tools – this results in full integration of Wix’s tools into their builder which makes it more secure and less buggy. If you are searching for best blogging platforms for your business or company then you may prefer using Wix for website creation. Wix gives you the freedom to design your site by pure Drag and drop. Move elements using your mouse until you are satisfied with your design. Wix website builder is very easy to understand and use.

And also it has apps to manage your sites like plugins but unlike plugins in wordpress these highly secured and are developed by wix development team.

In spite of all these facilities and freedom that Wix provides you it is not free, although wix has a free version it comes up with less feature and less control over your site. So if you want full control over Wix’s website building feature then you have to pay for it. But if you are a business then this payment is worth it but if you are a personal blogger or hobby blogger then wix may not be your favorite destination.

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4. Tumblr

best blogging platform

Tumblr is a microblogging platform with social networking features. It is more a social media than a professional blog. But it is best blogging platforms for personal bloggers and social media influencer. Its model is based on sharing your content and re-posting by other users if they like it (known as reblog). So if you want to write your personal blog then Tumblr is good for you and there is a lot for you. Tumblr is best for anything visual, especially photos, graphics, artwork, or video. You can also use it to publish text-based posts, but most Tumblr users like it for how it handles media.

Tumblr is free but you can also purchase a custom domain a d connect it to your Tumblr blog. Websites are mainly based on HTML and CSS Based templates that are made available by Tumblr itself.

Now let’s see it’s bad side

Tumblr is not a perfect destination for professional bloggers who want to earn by publishing posts and monetize their site. It comes with limited features to customize your site also you have less control over your website.

Sometimes your post gets reposted instead of reblog. This means that people download your content and repost it naming it a new post so your content is duplicated without giving you credits. While Tumblr is great for showcasing art, this possibility makes people hesitate to share.

5. Joomla

Joomla blogging

If you really want to host your website for your business then Joomla content management system is the perfect destination for you. It is also a script like wordpress that needs to be uploaded to a hosting server. Also, it is an open source platform offering the amazing website development features with multi-lingual support. Either it is a website, blog, e-commerce site or an online community, Joomla suits the need of different website owners. Joomla is extremely powerful and can be used to create a website of any kind. It has many templates to use for blog designing and customization. Like plugins in wordpress there are Extensions that you can use to manage your blog.

Bad side:

Although Joomla is powerful but Its community is much smaller than wordpress so there are fewer templates and extensions available.

Also, it is a bit more complicated to understand for the first time as compared to wordpress. So it may not be best blogging platforms for you if you are using it for the first time but if you want to set up a business then Joomla may be a better option for you.

Also, you will be responsible for backups, security and updates as the support is limited to community support only.

Conclusion: Final words – Which one is best?

After going through this article you may have found your relevant blogging platform. But Nothing exists as Best blogging platforms as each platform is good in its own aspect. Each has its own pros and cons, so it completely depends on you that which one suits your requirement and with which one you are comfortable with. You may still dig Google for best blogging platforms but I will suggest you to start first with anything easy then migrate according to your need. As you will grow in blogging, you will experience things, you will learn more about it. Only reading an Article would not help, you have to execute your plans. So do choose your platform while having your needs in your mind, don’t follow others.

Comment below if you have any query.

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