Best PPD Sites – Top Paying Pay Per Download Sites 2018


Hello Readers, In this post i am going to share the list of top ppd sites. Many People has asked me which one is best pay per download service website. Well for them i have done many search on google and forum and found some highest paying ppd networks, you will earn money per download.

What is PPD Network ?

PPD stands for Pay per Download. You will get paid per download. There are two different types of PPD sites. One Pays for every 1000 Downloads and Other pays for survey. Definitely Survey PPD networks pays more than Regular ones. You can earn Upto 5$ on completion of one Survey, But most of the time user simply leave the Survey site, So it becomes bit difficult to earn. In other hand sites like UsersCloud and Indishare pay for every single download, You can earn 2$ for 1000 downloads.

On Internet there are many PPD Sites but only few of them are trustworthy. Some PPD networks are new and Some are old, Some are fraud and some are trusted. So lets see the Highest paying trusted PPD Websites in 2018.

List of Best PPD Websites in 2018

1.CleanFiles – #1 PPD Site

Cleanfiles is operating Since 2012 and it’s one of the best ppd site available on Internet. You can earn upto 4$ per download, Actually earning depends on Offers and advertisers. Do remember Cleanfiles is a Survey site, they only pay on completion of an offer. Cleanfiles is trusted PPD and had multiple Withdrawal Option. Minimum payout is 50$ through PayPal, Payoneer and WebMoney.

Visit CleanFiles


Userscloud is another very popular site to earn money online. They pay for every download made through visitor from your site. They offer unlimited disk space so you will never run out of storage, hey provide unlimited download speed and they don’t limit or cap downloading speed. If a person Downloads a file you uploaded on Userscloud than you will get paid. If you have a website related to software, Music, Movie then it can be a best ppd site for you in 2018.

Visit UsersCloud


UploadOcean is very good PPD site, they pay on time. It’s not a survey site, it means you will earn for every single download. They Have different rates per download, it’s divided in 4 groups. Group A (Traffic from USA, Cannada) you will get 21$ per thousand download. Group B, Group C and Group D has lower rates compared to Group A. You will need minimum 10$ to withdraw money, It supports Paypal, webMoney, Zebpay etc. If you have a website then you can surly give a try to UploadOcean.

Visit UploadOcean

4.Indishare – Popular Pay Per Download Site

Indishare is another Highest paying Pay per download website, They pay upto 45$ for 10000 Downloads. If you own a website that has content related to music and video then indishare is best option for you.

Visit IndiShare


DollorUpload is operating its PPD Network since 2011. It’s a Survey PPD site. You will earn for every action made my your website visitor. Rates depends on country. If you get Traffic from Class A countries like USA, Cannada, Uk then you will earn 20$ per single download. It has more than 2500 Offers available worldwide. You can give a try to DollarUpload, as it can be best ppd survey website in 2018.

Visit Dollar Upload

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How to Use Pay Per Download Site to Earn Money Online

Using a PPD site is very easy. Let’s see step by step.

  1. First Signup on your Favorite PPD site.(I recommend Userscloud)
  2. Upload your File.
  3. Get the Link.
  4. Share the link through your website or blog.
  5. Now you will get paid for every download.

Tips to Increase Earning from best PPD sites.

  • Focus on getting traffic from USA, Cannada and UK
  • Upload files which has size more than 100mb
  • Increase your site traffic through Social media
  • Share your links on Social Network

Final Words

Earning from Pay per download site is very easy. But using a survey type PPD site will increase your earning potential but may affect user experience. IF you own a download site related to music and Movies then Indishare is best ppd site for you. If you have some very rare software or file you can use survey site that will make you earn more. In Past day i personally used Cleanfiles and I had fully satisfied from their service.


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