Best Funny and Cool Wifi Hotspot Names Ever


Hello friends here i am going to share some best funny wifi hotspot names ever. Everyone uses wifi to access internet, while connecting to other wifi you see the same boring names. Having a funky and cool wifi name makes you feel good and everyone loves best wifi hotspot names. If you are a Android user then you can easily change wifi name.

Best Wifi Names

I personally Love funny wifi names, I always put some funky names for my wifi. Stock wifi hotspot name is very techincal and simple, for example Lenono k6 Power. After searching a lot of names, here i have the best wifi names.


You are allowed to set password for your wifi, you can even use some funky password. But here i am talking about wifi names. If you have a home router then login to your admin panel and change your wifi hotspot name.

List of Best Wifi Hotspot Names

  • Hey it’s Me
  • It’s my wifi
  • Hello baby
  • Not a free wifi
  • Don’t try to connect
  • I am your Dad
  • 2g Connection
  • Just look at me
  • I am watching you
  • No Internet
  • It’s not yours
  • Please Please Please
  • Come on just go away
  • I hate my Wifi
  • Slow Internet connection
  • P0rn is not Opening
  • Don’t Touch My Daughter
  • God is our Rock
  • Tony Stark’s LAN

These were the some best wifi hotspot names, I will soon add more names.

List of Cool Attitude Wifi Names

If you are full of attitude and wanted to make someone jealous, then here are some attitude wifi names, Replace with your wifi hotspot current name and show your attitude wifi name.


  • Your Baby is really Ugly
  • Silence of the LAN
  • Call Me Maybe
  • Will You Marry Me
  • Get Off my Lan
  • You Pay Now
  • I have Wifi and You Don’t

I have picked some names you can use them. Above image contains more than 100 Wifi names you can use it. If you want some funny name then keep on reading.

Funny Wifi Names

If you are in college and wanted a funny hotspot name then here i have some very funny wifi hotspot names you can use it on your router or on Android device.

  • God save my hotspot
  • I am Gay
  • I am Sexy
  • B!tch Wifi
  • Connect=M0therFu(ker
  • Girls gone Wireless
  • Wifi G Spot
  • I am D!ck Head
  • Fu(king B!tches
  • Last night i was in your bed
  • L!ck my ass
  • Don’t connect b!tch
  • Relax B!tch No internet
  • Relax B!tch Password protected
  • Eat my ass to get password
  • I will Fu(k You
  • Ass Destroyer
  • Can we have sex
  • I love your ass
  • I am H0rney
  • My D!ck is hard
  • Connect=Cumsh0t
  • Connect=Gay
  • Wifi in my ass
  • H!v Positive Wifi
  • B!tch not allowed
  • Hack me if you can
  • Troll Network
  • Try to connect B!tch
  • B!tch you are in my ass
  • I pooped on you
  • I Love you Hairy pus$y
  • BBC Big Black C0ck
  • Mia Khalifa
  • Sunny Leone Wifi
  • B!tch inside
Funny Wifi Names
Most funny Wifi names ever
funniest wifi Hotspot names
LOL Wifi Names

List of Funny Wifi Hindi Names

If you are a Desi guy and wanted a to put some funny names on your router then you can use these names.

  • Bakchodi Nahi
  • Free Nahi hai BC
  • Connect mat kariyo
  • Dekh beta Gaand na mara
  • 4g nahi chal raha
  • Net pack khatam ho gaya
  • Bhikhari Network
  • Ladkiyo ke liye free
  • 1 Ghante ka 10 rs
  • Password hai BC
  • Dekh v mat isko
  • Tere liye free nahi hai
  • Dekh beta tere ghar aake maarunga
  • Tera baap
Most funny wifi hindi name

‘Baap ko bol netpack dalawane ko’ LOL, I think its the most funny wifi hotspot name in hindi ever. Your neighbors will surly laugh after seeing this name, It’s good to have same funny names and make wifi user laugh before connecting.


Final Words

Copy an put any one name in your wifi router. No one will dare to connect to your network lol. Some people may get angry also, Depending upon the type of people. I personally use “Not Free foy You”, I think it best suited for my area. Well if you know any other cool wifi names then comment below.


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