How to Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days

Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

Hello Friends, Here i am going to share a new facebook trick to change fb name before 60 days. We know that facebook doesn’t allows users to change name before 60 days, You need to wait for 2 months to change your fb profile name.

If you want to successfully change Facebook name after limit, then read this full tutorial.

Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days 2017

Many people loves to change their names very frequently. In some cases people creates new fb account with spelling mistake and after some time they realize that they made a mistake while typing their name, Now He/She tries to change name but they can’t because fb doesn’t allows to do that before 60 days. But don’t worry here i have tricks to hack fb name change limit, It means you can change facebook name unlimited times.

After getting lots of request, finally i sharing this trick to change facebook name without waiting for 60 days. Why to wait for that long time if you change in next 10 minutes. If you have a real facebook account and you made mistake while changing name then you revert back by sending a govt id for more information read the full post.

Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days

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How to Change Name on Facebook Before 60 Days

I have 2 methods to change Facebook name before 60 days working in 2017. I have personally tested this trick to change fb name before limit. Follow these steps to change your Facebook profile name unlimited times.

  • Send Photo of Original Government issued ID proof to Facebook
  • ID proof must contain your original name and Date of Birth

List of ID Supported by Facebook to change profile name.

  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Official name change paperwork
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card
  • Non-driver’s government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card, pension card)
  • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
  • Tribal identification or status card
  • Voter ID card
  • Family certificate
  • Visa
  • National age card
  • Immigration registration card
  • Tax identification card


If you are from India then just send pic of your Aadhar card. Students can use their ID card to change facebook name without any issue.

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Steps to Send Govt. ID to Change name On Facebook

1) Open Browser.

2) Goto

3) A forum will open with Title “Changing Your Name”.

4) Now Fill your New first name and New Surname, Select a Reason for this change, After that upload your ID by using Choose Files button.

5) After that Click on Send Button, Now wait for few days, after few days you will get a message from facebook regarding your facebook name.

6) Done, Facebook team will change you fb profile name.

If you have created facebook account for enjoyment purpose only and don’t want to share your original ID then i have another fb name change trick before 60 days.

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Steps to Change FB Name Unlimited Times (Bypass 60 Days Limit)

1) Open Google Chrome.

2) Goto

3) Search you ID by Email, Phone, Full Name or Username.

4) Now it enter your password, Use your current password, If you not remembered your recent password then you can enter your old password as well.

5) Now it will show you recent logs of your facebook account, just skip them.

6) Now here comes the main part, It will now ask to select your real name.

7) Choose your real or old name and you are done.

8) It will show All finished, just Go to News Feed and enjoy.

If you want to scream then say Yooohoo !! Successfully changed facebook name before 60 days. Finally changed fb name before limit.

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Final Words

Everyone wants to know this trick so please do share with your friends also i will appreciate it. If you have got any problem while changing name then you can comment your issue below, i will try to resolve it in comment section. I have shared many facebook tricks, make sure to check them out.


  1. Very well explained admin, thanks for sharing thia trick.
    I was searching for it from last 7 days and now successfully got working method


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