Create Fake Facebook Account without Mobile Number or Email ID


Hello guys, Today I am going to show you how to create unlimited Facebook account without using your Mobile Number or Email ID. Facebook verifies the newly created accounts using contact number or Email ID to avoid spam. Some people wants to create fb account without sharing their original Number/Email, I think some people want more privacy.

Another Limitation of Facebook is that you can only create one id using your Gmail ID or Number. So if you want to make new id you must need a new email id or number. You can use this trick to create multiple fb id without using your number, No need of new mobile number.

Make Unlimited Facebook Accounts

Creating facebook account is not a very difficult task but creating one without original number/Email ID can be tricky. I finally found a working trick to create unlimited fake fb ID, ‘YES’ without your personal email or phone number. If you want to enjoy facebook anonymously with sharing your personal details then this guide will surely help you.

Usually People create multiple Facebook account for advertising blog in different fb groups, its the main reason why people want more Facebook profiles, It makes their sharing easy.

We all know that to create a new fb profile we need to have email or phone number, So to get a email id here we are going to use a temporary email service like 10 minutes Mail or any other. Follow this trick and you will need a new mobile number while creating fb account, create fb account without mobile number, I have created many account by following this trick.

Steps to create unlimited FB account without Number

Follow these steps carefully to successful create fake fb id without email or number. If facebook is blocked in your country then go through the article on trick to unblock websites.

  • First of all Open Google Chrome Browser (Chrome is recommended). After that Press Ctrl+Shift+N to open browser is incognito mode or follow this screenshot to open it without using shortcut key.



  • After that goto URL bar and enter

  • After Opening Facebook, Open New tab and in URL bar enter

  • You will get a temporary mail for 30 Minutes. In my case its [email protected] Copy you Temp email ID and Create a new fb id using that email. ( Remember don’t close any tabs)

  • After filling all details click on Create Account button.

  • Click on NEXT button.

  • After that Click on Skip Step Button.
  • Now check inbox of your temporary email id, you must get a your verification code to verify your Facebook account.

  • Now Enter the code you received in your confirmation email. (In my case it is 10438)

  • Now Click OK button, you will see a popup box stating that your fb id has been successfully verified.

  • Click OK and Enjoy your new fb account without mobile number or email id.

Done, you have successfully created you new fake Facebook id without using your original Email or Mobile Number. This trick is 100% working, you can create unlimited accounts using this trick. If you have any problem Comment below.

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Final Words

This trick is personally tested by me and works perfectly. You can this fb trick to create unlimited fake facebook ids. I am creating new posts daily so check our blog daily for latest updates and information. You can use any temporary email service to create facebook accounts. Do share with your friends.



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