How to Fix Agario Lags in Google Chrome and Other Browsers


Many agario gamer says that agario lags in google chrome. Well after experimenting a lot i found the method to fix agario lags. Agario not only lags in google chrome, it also lags in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Read my full article to fix lags in chrome, No more laggy agario.

Fix Agrio Lags

Lagging makes difficult to play agario. Many people face lags while playing agario, Even they have good internet speed. On reddit some people shared articles to reduce agario lags, well here i have 2 working methods to fix agario lags.

Lags while playing agario is very common problem, Even chrome user face lags in agario. I have few tricks to stop agario from lagging. First of all below are the reasons why agario lags.

Here Shared 2 tricks to fix lags while playing agario.

Why is agario so Laggy ?

Well there are many reasons that make agario so laggy 2017. Here are the few common reasons.

  • Slow Internet connection, Make sure you have a 1mb/s internet connection.
  • Slow DNS, 120ms Response time is required for smoother agario game play.
  • Low system RAM
  • Chrome Extension
  • Lots of Junk Files and Browser Cache
  • Registry Issue (Fix using CCleaner).
  • Outdated Web Browser can be a reason for laggy agario.

Fix Agario Lags by Changing your DNS

You can fix agario lags by changing you dns setting, it will surely fix lags in agario. A faster dns means faster response time, and overall faster internet performance. It may be possible that your ISP default DNS is not fast enough to play online multiplayer games.

1)  Goto Start > Open Control Panel > Select Network and Internet > Select Network and Sharing Centre. After that click on you connection( In my case its: Sandard Modem over Bluetooth link(OTA)).

2) Now Click on Properties > Networking Tab > Select Internet Protocol Version 4 > Click Properties > Select Use the following DNS Server Addresses. 

  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternative DNS Server:

3) Click Ok and Reconnect your internet connection.

4) Clean you browser cache, cookies, and saved temporary files.

Done. Enjoy smooth agario game play without lags. This trick is personally tested by me and it works and fixes lag problem in agario.

Fix Agario Lags in Chrome

Some Players claim’s that agario lags too much on google chrome. They can’t play agario due to lags. Follow the below steps to fix agario lags in chrome browser.

  • Open Chrome
  • Goto chrome://extensions/.
  • And Disable All Extensions
  • Now Enjoy Smooth agario without lags

It must fix all lags in agario.

Reduce Agario Lags By Optimizing Settings

We can fix lags in agario by changing agario settings, So that you can play agario in slow internet speed also. By Default agario has very high graphics settings and need a lot of resources to render. Well you can reduce its graphics settings to improve lags.

Some People connect to very far servers, If you live in asia then connect to asia only. It improves the response time and you will feel smoothness while playing agario.

Follow these steps to eliminate agario lags.

1)  Don’t Login and play in agario. ( If already Logged in then please log out)

2) Always use your Nearest Server Location. If you are from Asia then use East Asia, If you are from Europe then Select Europe and so on.

3) Change Graphics to very low, Select No Skin, Select Skip Stats, Uncheck Show Quest.

Now enjoy playing agario without lags if you are still facing lags then please upgrade your internet connection.

Final Words

Above i have shared 2 tricks to reduce agario lags and boost agario. If you are still facing lags then upgrade you system. If you are still having any problem regarding laggy then comment below.


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