10 Free Unlimited VPN apps for Android (No Daily Limit)


Hello Guys, In this article i am going to share the list of best free vpn app for android. On google Play store there are many free unlimited VPN apps are available for android, but only few of them are truly unlimited and supports high speed download.

What is VPN and How it works ?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It works by connecting your connection to their own server. It means when every you browse web your IP address and Network Operator will be hidden. In today’s date there are Many Free VPN service provider for mobile devices are available. Some of them are 100% free to use VPN.

Unlimited free VPN for Android

In past days there were very limited VPN service providers but nowadays many free vpn are available on playstore. Some of them are very slow and makes your browsing experience worst. If you are planning to download torrent through VPN then better go with premium ones because they support peer to peer download.

When every you browse internet through your android device, your IP and OS and other details are sent. If you want more privacy while surfing then you can use VPN apps. Sometimes you may see a message like ‘This website is blocked by Govt.’ well in some countries some websites are banned due to some reason. VPN is perfect solution to unblock sites and to secure privacy, even your ISP can’t trace you.

On internet many website has a Top pick’s of best vpn app for android 2017. But guys we know it’s 2018 and after searching a lot on internet i have a great list of top free unlimited vpn apps for your android device.

List of 10 Best Free VPN apps for Android 2018

1. Turbo VPN – Popular Unlimited Free VPN

No Doubt Turbo VPN is one of the most popular and trusted vpn app for android when it comes to free vpn. It no daily limit, it means you can surf unlimited with worrying. In has 1 click connect feature which makes it very easy to use. It works with all networks including 2g, 3g and 4g. It encrypts data using popular OPEN VPN protocols which makes it more secure and reliable.

Download TurboVPN

2. Hola VPN

Hola VPN is another highspeed free vpn app. This VPN allows you to surf anonymously with data limit. In has multiple Server location to choose from. You are allowed to choose any location listed in app. Its very easy to use and 100% safe. It has been installed by more than 10 million people and also available for chrome.

Download Hola VPN 

3. Hotspot Shield – VPN Proxy & Privacy

Hotspot Shield is one the old and highspeed VPN. It’s trust worthy free Vpn service provider for android and windows. It encrypts the connection and hides your digital identity while surfing. They have no restrictions on Data uses. It’s free and Has paid option also. In you want more features then you can go with paid one.

Download Hotspot Shield

4. VPN Master – Free VPN with Torrent Support

VPN master is cool VPN app with torrent support, it means they are torrent friendly. As i Already Told many almost all free vpn providers don’t support torrent but VPN master does. It supports Peer to Peer downloading of torrent file. It also has multiple server locations including Singapore, South Africa and United Kingdom. It’s easy to install and use.Its superfast and super reliable.

Download VPN Master

5. VPN Proxy Master

VPN Proxy master can be used to surf privately without sharing logs with ISP(Internet service provider). Its unlimited free VPN and Security app. You can unblock many blocked site in your country. Remember to not use this app for downloading torrents as it officially says that it will block your account. It’s good to be used while using Public Wifi Hotspot.

Download VPN Proxy Master

6. Opera VPN – Unlimited free VPN

Opera has recently launched Opera VPN app. Its a 100% free VPN developed by Opera Team. It has ability to set Security level automatically while using public wifi. It also has inbuilt adblocker to save data. If you want to browse with ads then use opera free vpn app.

Download Opera VPN

7. SurfEasy

Surf Easy is a vpn app. It has many features, Live customer support is what which makes it stand out from others. It has modern looking UI with Different server locations to choose from. Hide your Location using SurfEasy.

Download SurfEasy

8. Touch VPN

Touch VPN is 100% free. Unlimited uses, and No restrictions on download. In you want a free vpn then go with this. It has simple user interface and modern UI. No registration required to use this app, Just hit the connect button and unblock any app or site.

Download Touch VPN

9. VPN Monster – Surf Unlimited

VPN Monter is one of the best VPN client for android device. They will give you unlimited bandwidth to use while surfing and downloading.

Download VPN Monster

10. Hi VPN – Free VPN app for Android

Hi is very new VPN app developed by Hi security Lab. They have No Data Limitation, No registration, No passowrd. Just connect and enjoy.

Download Hi VPN

Final Words

Above i have shared a updated list of best free vpn apps for android device. Please also do share this post with your friends. If you have any confusion or doubt then do comment below. Bye and Have a nice day.


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