Highest Paying URL Shortener to Earn Money Online ($25/1000 views)


Hello Readers, Here i am going to share the list of 6 highest paying url Shortener 2017. Everyone Knows that url shortener is the easiest method to make money online, even noobs can earn online using url shortener.

If you want to make money by sharing links then URL shortener is best option for you. On Internet there are many Url shortener’s are available, they all have some pros and cons. For Those who are looking for highest paying url shortener to earn maximum money from 1000 views, then this post is going to be very helpful for you.

How URL Shortener Works ?

If you don’t have any idea how a url shortener works then let me tell you :-). Url Shortener is used to shorten long urls. When you enter your long url then it will automatically give you a unique shorten url. When some Someone clicks on your shorten url then he may see some ads for few seconds after that SKIP AD button will appear, When he clicks on SKIP AD then he will reach to your LONG URL that you had shorten.

It’s very easy method to earn money, Some URL Shortener pays really high approximately $25/1000 views. If you are a new guy and don’t know how to use URL shortener then read the full post.

Top 10 Highest Paying Url Shortener to Earn Money

1) Shorte.st – Best URL Shortener to Earn Money

Shore.st is one of the fastest growing and most trusted url shortener available. It has very high Rates, you can earn as much as 25$ for 1000 views. It’s trusted by 30 lakhs users and shows relevant ads. It doesn’t have any strict rules, any guy can earn online using shortest url shortener. If you are very popular on Facebook then you can share your links there to earn maximum.

It supports almost all type of website, you can shorten any url with ease. It also Has full Page script allows you to automatically shorten all URL. You can make some extra income using Referral Banners. Without any doubt shorte.st is top highest paying url shortener.

  • Wide Range Of Monetization – Scripts and Plugins
  • Premium Ads with Globe Coverage
  • Very High CPM Rates
  • Real Time Earning Report
  • Receive Payment Every 30 Days
  • $5 Minimum for Withdrawal
  • Payment Methods – Paypal, Webmoney, Skrill, Payza

Visit Shorte.st

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2) LinkShrink.net – Old & Best Url Shortening Service

You may have seen many websites using LinkShrink to shorten url. Well Linkshrink is one of the oldest and trusted url shortener, They have never scammed users and paid money at time. They Pay around $4.9/1000 Unique Views. They have quality advertisers, and shows good ads.

  • Detailed Stats
  • Get Payment every 4 days
  • Website Scripts
  • 20% Refferal Bonus
  • Dedicated support team
  • Payment Method- Paypal, Payza and Bitcoin.

Visit LinkShrink

3) OUO.io – New Best Url Shortener

OUO.io is operating since 2014, It’s a trusted and New url Shortener to make money online in 2017. It also has good CPM rates of around $4.8 per 1000 views. Payout rates differ from country to country. It’s the fastest and easiest way to monetize your site.

  • Easy Signup Process
  • Shrink Unlimited links
  • $5 minimum payout
  • Payment Method – Paypal and Payza

Visit OUO.io

4) LinkBucks – Another Highest Paying Url Shortener

Linkbucks has very high CPM rates, I personally used linkshrink to earn money by shortening url. You can Signup and for Publisher account to start earning. Linkbucks was started in late 2005 and has been growing. They have never missed a payment, so you can trust them.

  • $8.7 CPM per 1000 Views
  • High Paying Advertisers
  • $5 Minimum Required to Receive Payment
  • Supports almost all Payment Methods Including Paypal
  • Refer and Earn

Visit LinkBucks

5) BC.VC – Another Best URL Shortener

BC.VC is very modern looking url Shortener. One will never feel outdated dashboard like adf.ly. It Has high payout rates in url shortening industry. Their Support team is very fast and responsive. Pays on all kind of traffic including Desktop, Mobile and Social Media. BC.VC also has a website script that works by shortening all urls on your site, you can earn more using website script.

  • $14 per 1000 unique Views
  • Detailed statistics
  • Minimum $10 is Required for Withdrawal.
  • Payment Through Paypal or Payoneer

Visit BC.VC

6) BLV.me – Earn 10$ per Action

BLV.me is a bit different type of url shortener but you can make serious money using this. You can get 10$ for 1 single view. I know you will not trust, but first let me clear you that it doesn’t show ads for 5 seconds. It actually Shows offers, Visitor needs to complete an offer to access your link.

  • Earn 10$ per action
  • International Offer Available
  • Payments every 30 days
  • No minimum amount required
  • Payment via Skrill and Bank transfer.

Visit BLV.me

How to Earn Money Using URL Shortener

If you don’t know how to earn from shortening url, then follow these steps to earn money using URL Shortener.

  • Signup on your Favorite URL Shortener Website.
  • After Signup, Login in your Account.
  • Copy the Long URL and Paste it in url shortener.
  • Click Shrink or Shorten Button.
  • Copy your shorten Link.
  • Share that link or Put it in your website.
  • Done.

Every time a visitor opens your link you will get paid. Always remember that Payout rates varies from country to country. As above i have shared highest paying url shorteners, but some people may say that i am not getting 17$/1000 views. If you get traffic from US, UK, Australia then you will get better payout rates. Here is a list of payout rates for different country.

You can clearly see on the above image that Country with English Speaking Audience gets better rates.

Final Words

As i shared list of url shorteners that really pays. If you get decent amount of traffic on your site then you can use url shortener to make money. I personally Use shorte.st, I think is the one of the highest paying url shortening service.

If you know any other URL shortener then comment below.


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