How to Access Blocked Websites (4 Working Methods)


Hello Readers, Today i am sharing a full guide to access blocked websites with Violating any Cyber Laws . We know that ISP blocks many sites due to some reasons. Opening a blocked sites is very easy, If you know anything about VPN and Proxy then you can easily bypass blocked sites.

Do you know that your ISP(Internet Service Provider) has full right to block any sites. But you can bypass blocked sites using VPN and Proxies. Recently many Downloading and torrent sites got banned worldwide.

Proxy and VPN connects to a virtual server in different location, So that you can access any banned sites.

How to Access Blocked Sites

Accessing blocked sites in your country is easy, you can use proxies and VPN softwares to open them. If you feel VPN is costly then no problem there are other many ways to open banned websites. VPN(Virtual Private Network) is used to increase privacy while surfing online, It make you anonymous while browsing online. No one can trick you if you use a VPN, even your ISP can’t.

If you are a google chrome user then you can simply install any VPN extension to access blocked websites in India and in other Parts of the world. VPN extension is becoming popular day by day to access blocked sites, Just install and surf. Most of the VPN extensions are free of cost and they don’t have any restriction. But again VPN extension can’t be used to download files anonymously, you may get slow downloading speed.

Proxies are also good for bypassing blocked site in your country. Its easy to setup and use, It also works like vpn only but problem is it doesn’t has good active time, Proxies may become inactive very soon, So you will need to change proxy every 1 hours depending upon your luck.

Below are different methods that can be used to access blocked sites anywhere including colleges, schools, Cyber cafe, Airport etc. Just red the different methods to open blocked sites, You will simply bypass your ISP.

Now without wasting any time lets start.

1. Access Blocked Sites without proxy (Chrome VPN Trick)

Millions of people uses google chrome as their default browser. There are so many VPN extensions are available for chrome.

VPN extensions are great and saves time and money as wells. It’s the easiest method to hide identity while doing daily online surfing. It changes you location by changing you IP, It assigns you a new temporary IP address. If you are connect to a public wifi then also you can use this to access blocked website.

Steps to Install Hola VPN

  1. Goto this URL.
  2. Click on add to chrome Button
  3. A box Will popup and click on Add Extension
  4. Done.

Now connect to any server and try to access blocked sites.

Here are some Popular VPN extensions for chrome

Install any open VPN extension in your chrome and surf without restriction. I personally use Hotspot Shield VPN is 100% free and unlimited. This trick works on Office and School/College places as well. Unblock any site anywhere in chrome. It even supports downloading but you may get slow speed depending on proxy speed.

Its the widely used method to unblock kickass, Torrentz and netflix etc.

2. Open Blocked site by Web Proxy – No Installation Required

If you just want to surf a banned sites then you can use web proxy websites. A web proxy website has a Address bar to access a site.

Using Web proxy is very easy, even a beginner and use without confusion. It’s like google only.

Web proxies are 100% free and easy to use. They don’t have any bandwidth restriction and works flawlessly. It’s the easiest method to access blocked websites. This trick is many used for accessing torrent sites.

How to use Web proxy Sites

  1. Open
  2. In Kproxy address bar enter your desire url
  3. Hit GO button
  4. Done

3. Open Banned site using TOR Browser

Tor Browser is created to surf web anonymously, your real location and Ip address doesn’t expose. You can use TOR to access any websites even Dark web.

If you don’t want to use VPN then switch your browser to TOR. It’s available for both android and Windows. In India people use TOR to access blocked torrent sites.

Benefits of using TOR

  • Its free
  • No need to set Proxies
  • No need for VPN

While using Tor browser you don’t need to change proxies manually, Tor will do automatically.

Steps to use TOR browser

  1. First Download and Install Tor Browser
  2. Open Tor and access you desire sites by entering site url in tor address bar
  3. Done

4. Access Any Blocked site using VPN Software

VPN is very popular and common method used by many users to open sites that are blocked in their country.

On Internet there are many VPN software are available, but the problem is most of them are not free. There are some free VPN software available with bandwidth and servers restriction. I personally recommend you to use Cyberghost VPN, Its free and has great UI.

If you prefer to access blocked site on public wifi then VPN software will surly help you. Unblock any site at work, office or any other place. You can even download torrent on college wifi using this software.

Other Premium VPNs

Steps to use VPN to access blocked website

  1. First Install your favorite VPN software
  2. Open and Select any one server
  3. After selecting server hit Connect button
  4. Try opening any site that is blocked in your country

Done, You must able to open and browse that banned site without any issue.


I have shared all methods to access any blocked sites. You can access facebook and twitter in colleges using above tricks. Above methods works in india also, it means you can access blocked sites in india. You many be wondering why i have not shared proxy trick, well proxy trick is very old and useless, its slow and irritating. If you know any other trick to access sites that are banned in you countries then please do tell us in comment section.

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