Linkbucks vs | Comparison Review with Payment Proof 2018


Hello Readers, we all know earning money for URL shortener is very easy. In today’s date there are many Link Shortener are available. Linkbucks and is very popular url shortener available on internet. As many guys have doubt which is best among them, Do they pay at right time. And Many other Questions.

First let me tell you that Both Linkbucks and is legit advertising network for both publisher and advertiser. Both has good global advertisers. vs LinkBucks

LinkBucks Signup Process

Linkbucks claim that their Signup process is fast and easy and they don’t share Persnonal information to third parties. Well That sounds good.

Let’s see the full process and what are the information asked by linkbucks during signup.

Linkbucks Signup Forum 1
Linkbucks Signup Forum 2

As you can see asks are many information during signup which makes signup process difficult for some users. It asks almost all PID including Address, Payment Info etc.

In my Opinion Linkbucks must ask these information after signup. Sign Up Process – Better than Linkbucks Signup Forum has a very fast signup process. It only asks for Email address and Password to complete the signup. You have another option to that allows you to login using facebook account. Its really fast and easy.

Conclusion ( Wins)

So there is no doubt that has better signup process compared to linkbucks. So if you looking for a Link shortener with easy signup process then go with shorte-st.

User Interface & Analytics Comparison

When is comes to UI then has modern and better UI. It looks crisp and easy to understand. As you can see statistics are shown in home screen, just after login. You can filter Income report and statistics month wise, On right side it shows eCPM as you can see it’s showing $0.78 and Money(Income) earned from shortening URL is $1.17591 on 1513 views. You are allowed to see report month wise, currently it’s showing May 2014 stats.

Linkbucks UI looks outdated, i mean it looks old. When coming to statistics then Linkbucks shows more detailed information compared to Shorte-st. Navigate to Earnings tab and on the top you can see your Quick stats, Showing Today’s Earning, Yesterday’s Earning, Earning this month, Unpaid balance, Performance(Month/Day) in Percentage.

Conclusion (Tie)

When it comes to UI and stats then it’s very difficult to choose a winner. Here has better UI but lacks in providing Detailed stats where as Linkbucks lacks in Modern UI but shows a detailed earning report.

Global Payout Rates

Shorte st vs linkbucks, which one is highest paying URL shortener among them. First lets take a look on short-st payout rates. payout Rates

As you can clearly see that shortest pays highest for United States Traffic, you can earn upto 14$ for US traffic. UK, Canada, Australia are some top paying countries. Now lets check the rates of Linkbucks.

Linkbucks Payout Rates

Australia, UK and Brazil are some top paying countries for Linkbucks. You can earn Maximum 7$ per 1000 views from linkbucks.

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Conclusion (Shorte st Wins)

We can clearly See that has really very high payout rates compared to linkbucks. So there is not doubt that you will earn more from Linkbucks is also good but not good as shorte-st.

Payment Options & Minimum Payout Payment Options


Linkbucks Payment Options

Both has Good payment Options. Both supports Paypal and Payoneer, So you can easily withdraw your money. But here also supports WebMoney.

LinkBucks Publisher Payment Terms and Conditions

To Withdraw money from linkbucks you must need 10$ USD and all payment are processed Automatically. Minimum Requirement to get Payout

Shorte-st is a bit different from linkbucks. The minimum amount available for a withdrawal is USD $5 for PayPal and WebMoney and USD $20 for Payoneer.

We can clearly see that both are good in terms to payment Options. But shorte-st wins again. and Linkbucks Payment Proof

LinkBucks Payment Proofs Payment Proof 1 Payment Proof 2 Payment Proof

Who is best Shorte-st or LinkBucks ?

From above comparison we came to know that is best and highest paying url shortener available. It has great World wide payout rates, allows user to earn upto 15$ per 1000 impressions. There is No doubt that Shorte-st is all rounder performer for both publisher and advertiser as well.

Final Words

For some reason if you don’t want to use then you can go with linkbucks. Both has good amount of global advertisers. Anyways Rocks.


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