How to Set live Wallpaper on Any Windows Operating System


We all know live wallpapers looks cool. Do you want to set live wallpaper on your windows, well that is easy. You can easily add live wallpapers on any windows edition including windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10. Sorry for windows XP users.

On Android Devices we love Live wallpaper, But is it possible to set live wallpaper on windows, Yes, Its Possible to Set Live  Wallpaper on Windows OS. All we need is a software to do it.

We All know regular windows wallpaper is very boring, They don’t have any effects while moving mouse. Good Wallpaper increases the overall look of your desktop.

Set Live Wallpaper on Windows including windows 10

Follow these steps carefully to set live wallpaper on windows os.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium Processor
  • 512mb Ram

1. Download and install Your favorite live wallpaper from here.

2. After installation Setup your Live wallpaper and Enjoy.

You can customize your live wallpaper, You can change Change the effects and other options. You can install these wallpapers on any version of windows including windows 10 and windows 7. Windows 10 Already has cool effects but installing a live wallpaper will enhance it further.

Here are Links to Download Live wallpapers for Windows

1. WateryDesktop3d – Click to Downlaod

WateryDesktop3d is my favorite live wallpaper, It Gives the desktop a watery effect. Move the cursor and see a effect on water moving on your desktop.

2. SoftShines 3d – Click to Download

DreamScene Seven is very popular windows live wallpaper, used by many users click here to visit download page.

DreamScene is very popular live wallpaper used by million of users, It has really good Effects and doesn’t slow down you system performance.

After using a live wallpaper on Windows if you get any performance issue then you can lower the effects and Quality.

If you have any doubt or question then comment below.


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