Whatsapp Bomber 2017 – Crash Friend’s WhatsApp by Sending Message


Whatsapp is very popular messaging app, allows you to chat with your friends. Today here i am going to share a Whatsapp Bomber app 2017, this app is used to hang victims whatsApp remotely. Whatsapp Bomber can be used to crash your friends whatsapp by sending more than 2000 messages in just 5 minutes. Browse our all whatsapp tricks.


Whatsapp Bomber – Crash your Friends Whatsapp

Before Using Whatsapp Bomber lets know basic things about it.

How Whatsapp Bomber Works ?

Whatsapp bomber is a software used to send unlimited messages to a targeted whatsapp number. It can send More than 10000 Messages in just 15 Minutes or even more depending on you hardware and internet connection speed.

Lets assume that your friend has a smartphone with 4gb ram out of 2 gb is free. If you target your friends number on Whatsapp bomber then after 10000 messages your friends whatsapp will crash. His phone will start Hanging. Phone Temperature will increase, it can lead to hardware damage.

Whatsapp Bomber for Windows (PC/LAPTOP) – Crash Whatssapp By Sending Message

You must install Microsoft Net fx 4.5 or Above (I already have then skip this step)

Now Download Autov2 by TrustedTricksBlog.

We personally modified this software and now it can crash latest whatsapp apks.

After Downloading Open the Whatsapp Bomber

Click on Accept Button. After that Bot will open.

Times : 400 ( How many times you want to send the same Message)

Now Visit web.whatsapp.com and login by scanning QR code.

After login Start the Bot

After starting the software, Click on Type a Message Field on whatsApp web.

After 10 Seconds the software will start sending message. Speed of sending message depends on the speed on internet connection.

Send 1000 Messages and your friends whatsapp will surely crash.

The Above whatsapp Bomber app is 100% working. If you are having problem then comment below.


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